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Founded in 2014, Soul Shoetique emerged as a quaint women's shoe boutique nestled in the charming beach town of Wilmington, NC. In 2024 Madison Hartley took ownership of Soul Shoetique and it was rebranded into a women's clothing and shoe boutique. Paying homage to the stores roots while ushering a rejuvenating new ear, Soul & Sélah was born. Our shop offers feminine, European styles, vintage aesthetic, and coastal trends. Quality items, florals, lace and whimsical fabrics are the stable of Soul & Sélah

At the heart of Soul & Sélah lies a deep connection to Christ, encapsulated in its name. "Soul" represents the individual or their life, both on earthly grounds and in heavenly realms. Meanwhile, "Sélah" draws inspiration from the scriptures—it's a word both mysterious and beautiful, often interpreted as a pause in the sacred text. This pause serves as a profound moment of reflection, urging us to contemplate the profound messages that God imparts to each and every one of us.

In alignment with our commitment to fostering a spiritual connection, Soul & Sélah has taken this a step further by introducing a unique and meaningful feature to our store—a prayer tree. Within our physical space, clients are invited to inscribe their prayers on tags and hang them on our prayer tree. This practice mirrors the essence of "Sélah," creating a tangible pause in our daily lives to reflect on the deeper meaning and significance of our shared experiences.

Online, our commitment to this sacred connection is extended through a dedicated "Prayer Added" section. Every prayer shared with us is more than just a note; it's a sacred conversation with our Heavenly Father. Each prayer is read, contemplated, and most importantly, prayed over. We cherish the trust placed in us to hold these intimate moments within our company, creating a community where every prayer is acknowledged and deeply cherished.

With Soul & Sélah, the journey continues, seamlessly blending heritage with fresh beginnings. Our boutique is a fashion destination; it's a sanctuary where style and spirituality intertwine, creating a space for genuine connection, feminine aesthetic, and celebration of life's profound moments.

Visit our Store:

We are located at 7110 Wrightsville Ave B10 Wilmington NC 28403

(Before the Wrightsville Beach Bridge!)

Store Hours :

Tuesday - Sunday 11 - 6